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The California MHSA
Multicultural Coalition

In 2010, REMHDCO was awarded the contract for the
California MHSA Multicultural Coalition (CMMC) - RFP #1
of the California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP).

Representing and Advocating
on Behalf of Communities

REMHDCO represents and advocates on behalf of unserved, underserved,
and inappropriately served communities at all Mental Health Services
Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) meetings.

The CRDP's Five Specific
Population Groups

REMHDCO was instrumental in the original
development of the CRDP to have separate
contracts for each of the five specific population
groups (instead of one single contract for all).

Participating and Advocating
at the Local (County) Level

REMHDCO members participate at the local (county) level by both advocating
for and providing services for their respective underserved communities.

The Office of Health Equity's
Administration of MHSA Funds

REMHDCO was a key informant regarding the MHSA funds for the
CRDP remaining at the state level and under the administration
of the Office of Health Equity in the 2012 budget process.


The California MHSA Multicultural Coalition's (CMMC) primary goal is to work toward the integration of cultural and linguistic competence into California's public mental health system.
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The California Reducing Disparities Project (CRDP) is a statewide partnership working to improve access, quality of care, and increase positive outcomes for racial, ethnic and cultural communities in California.
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MHSA/Proposition 63

Proposition 63 or the MHSA has changed California's entire public mental health system, promoting underserved racial, ethnic, and cultural communities to receive the culturally competent services they deserve.
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